Tree Debris Removal

Tree Debris Removal Coverage

Tree debris removal is a coverage specifically designed to cover the removal of trees or limbs that have fallen on your property due to a covered peril from Coverage A – Dwelling, provided such peril is not listed under Coverage F: Trees, Shrubs, Plants and Lawns; and this coverage is not provided elsewhere in this policy.

Tree Debris Removal Coverage will pay up to $1000 for any one loss for reasonably necessary expenses you incur for removing trees, limbs and branches from the residence premises.

The limit of $500 or $1000 (Homeowners Plus) for any one loss applies, regardless of the number of fallen trees, limbs and branches

Here are some examples of scenarios that Tree Debris Removal would apply.

  • A Tree falls in your yard.   You have either $500 or $1000 (Homeowners Plus) of debris removal coverage depending on if you have the plus endorsement for Tree debris removal subject to your deductible.
  • Your tree falls on your house.  If you need a crane to remove the tree from the house so as not to cause further damage the crane charge would fall under Coverage A or dwelling amount.
  • Once the tree is on the ground then you would have either $500 or $1000 of Tree Debris Removal subject to the deductible.  You will want the tree removal service to separate out charges for this purpose.

You have a tree on your property that could be an issue to your home but hasn’t yet fallen. It is your responsibility to get this taken care of.
You have a tree on your neighbor’s property that you feel could cause damage to your house. You don’t have the right to handle the neighbor’s tree yourself unless you have their permission to do so. If they do not allow you to remove or trim the tree, put your complaint/concern in writing to your neighbor that you have spoken about this and that it is his responsibility to address the impending liability. If he does nothing about the tree then you may have subrogation rights against your neighbor’s home policy in the case the tree or limb falling does so in a non-storm time.

Your neighbor’s tree falls on your house due to natural circumstance such as wind. Your policy under coverage A responds to remove the tree from your house. Debris removal will cover the cost up to its limit to remove the neighbor’s tree from your yard.  Whichever property the tree falls onto, is that individual’s policy that will deal with it.

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